Modern Lives is the answer to alternative music’s self-indulgence and sadness dependency. They pair quiet, reserved introspection with an undeniable groove. Pulling from a wide range of influence including The Cure, Thursday and Third Eye Blind, Modern Lives is a band to dance to, but also a band to reflect to. Their music is the sonic encapsulation of a night drive. Flying past city lives and lives you will never intersect with. For a generation of twenty-somethings stuck in perpetual ennui, Modern Lives is poised to become a staple of late-night sing-alongs.

Assocations' music is like a burst of nervous energy. The songs are raucous, rambunctious, reflective and painfully self-aware. As Associations sole member, Shane Conrad pairs confessional lyrics with jolting guitar riffs to create an energetic, yet sobering listening experience. Drawing comparisons to Jeff Rosenstock and Frank Turner, Associations is up next in a long line of artists to make you scream your insecurities with a smile on your face.